The death of Amanda Todd

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In 2012, 15 year old Canadian Amanda Todd took her own life. For years, she had been subject to Internet threats and intimidation from an unknown man. She was bullied into showing her breasts and giving sex shows. When she refused, he blackmailed her and sent a naked picture of Amanda to her classmates.
She is bullied so aggressively that she no longer wants to live. Shortly before her death, she uploads a desperate video to YouTube, explaining what she’s been dealing with and what it’s done to her. Worldwide, 17 million people watched her cry for help.
There is no sign of the perpetrator. Until January of this year. The 36-year-old Dutch national Aydin C. is arrested in a suburb of Oisterwijk, the Netherlands. Not only is he suspected of bullying Amanda, he was also responsible for harassing dozens of people in the Netherlands, England, the United States, Canada and Norway.
But how can someone living in a Dutch suburb victimise so many people? ZEMBLA investigates the suspected perpetrator C., and discovers how authorities managed to track him down.

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