The dubious friends of Donald Trump part III: The billion dollar fraud

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Will Donald Trump go down due to his dubious ties to the former Soviet Union? The president seems to be getting in deeper and deeper. Special prosecutor Robert Mueller, who is investigating if Trump colluded with Russia in order to win the elections, is also digging into Trump's past. In that past, one of Donald Trump's business partners plays a crucial role, Felix Sater. A convicted felon who has ties with the Russian mafia. Last May, Zembla disclosed how an American real estate company, co-owned by Sater, used Dutch mailbox companies within a network, which has been suspected of laundering money. Presumably $1.5 million dollars had been diverted. Donald Trump built hotels and apartment blocks with this suspicious company.
In the last few months ZEMBLA received indications of a greater fraud. A billion dollar fraud. And here Sater, Trump's questionable business partner, shows up, as well. The money trail leads to Kazakhstan, to real estate projects in New York and again to the Netherlands. ZEMBLA investigates: How compromising is this case for the current president of America?
ZEMBLA, The dubious friends of Donald Trump III: The billion dollar fraud.  
Research: Annette Schätzle
Director: Sander Rietveld
Editor in chief: Manon Blaas

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