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Dictatorship, no objection


Rwanda is known for the bloody genocide of 1994. Nearly a million people were killed. To reconstruct the country, many Western countries come to the rescue. In recent years, the Netherlands has given 'donor darling' Rwanda tens of millions of euros to build an independent judicial system. Judges, prosecutors and lawyers were trained, and courts and prisons were built. Under the leadership of President Paul Kagame, who came to power in 2000, Rwanda is increasingly seen as a successful country. To attract tourists, Rwanda becomes a shirt sponsor of the football clubs Arsenal and Paris Saint-Germain with the text: 'Visit Rwanda'. Scores of international celebrities visit the country and pay tribute to its government. Football coach Louis van Gaal for instance receives a warm welcome from Kagame in 2019. Van Gaal is enthusiastic and calls the president a "strong leader". Much to the disgust of political opponents of Kagame's regime. They call Kagame a dictator who does not accept any criticism. According to them, there is absolutely no question of fair trial. Human rights groups hold the Rwandan regime responsible for the murder and disappearance of dissidents. There is no freedom of the press. A country with two completely different faces. Zembla investigates the financial aid to a controversial regime.

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