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One should not replant an old tree

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Everywhere in Europe intergenerational housing projects arise, to combat loneliness among the old and the housing crisis among the young. Nevertheless, nursing home organization Careyn terminates a successful project where young people live together in a flat with multiple centennials. One of them is the remarkable Maria Piël, age 100. She has no children, but her young neighbours visit her daily. Like Martijn, age 35. He helps her with her iPad, she helps him by having discussions about the meaning of live, topics he does not discuss with his peers. Both describe their friendship as very valuable.

All of a sudden the organization ends the project: the young people are forced to leave, the elderly must move elsewhere. According to the organization, the flat no longer meets the standards of good care and safety. But Martijn discovers the real reason why they have to move: the flat is sold to a real estate developer.

United in their cause, young and old try to resist the decision, since moving has a big impact on the elderly. Some have lived in their apartment for decades and have lost their spouse there. Their home is tied to their loved ones and keeps the memories alive. Despite questions in the Dutch parliament, the organization continues its plans.

During the last month of the project, the reporter is smuggled into the flat by Martijn, because the organization does not allow reporters in the building. She is able to closely capture the meaning of them living together, the forced relocation of the 100-year-old Maria Piël and the bitter farewell, leaving her heartbroken and totally lost in her new apartment.


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