Sfeerfoto van Zembla


Iedere donderdag om 21.10 uur opnpo2

Hét onderzoeksjournalistieke televisieprogramma van BNNVARA.




ZEMBLA is a current affairs program by VARA broadcasting. The program tries to provide information to a wide audience by means of opinion forming investigative journalism.
ZEMBLA carries out in-depth research into events and developments in society and contributes to public opinion on these issues.
ZEMBLA wants to open up the debate and produces news, it wants to set things in motion and to bring about changes.
ZEMBLA was first screened in the autumn of 1995 and since then it has been assured of a permanent place within public broadcasting in the Netherlands.
ZEMBLA has made a program on nearly every social development and special events imaginable.
The program is broadcasted almost weekly on Wednesday evenings on NPO 2.

Here are a limited number of ZEMBLA programs that have been subtitled in English .

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