Tele2 don't want to give me more Informations!!

Geplaatst door: rob3rto op: 01-07-2013 13:12
I'm new in Holland and I already got the first shock! On 12th June, I got a message from tele2, my data volume is almost running out and the next day my sim card was blocked. I have talked with tele2 and they told me that i consumed in 1 (!!) day 3000 MB (3 GB)!!!! of course this can not be. I'm new in Holland and do not know anyone, I'm not a freak of internet, just use whatsapp and a bit of facebook. other larger downloas i do with WiFi. How can it be that I have 3000 MB consumed in 1 day? why i got a message that my data volume is running out 1 day after i should used 3000 mb?? and why tele2 not want to give me MY DATA? this are my data and not yours!! i pay for it!! I want to know where I should have surfed and want my 430 euro back! don't take tele2 cause TELE2 ARE CHEATERS and if you have problems with them you can be veeeeery sure they leave you in the rain!!! anyone can help?? maybe a lawyer?? i feel that i run against a wall and that the people on the phone are Robots. They repeat always the same without giving you really a help :-(

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