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BNNVARA is a broadcasting company that aims to have impact  everywhere  and  on everyone . On TV and radio, at home and on the go, linear, online, at events and, of course, in the street. We inspire everyone to explore and dig deep, generate ideas and content, have discussions and share it on all of the platforms inside and outside our domain.
We know no bounds: not in the organization and not in the world. No topic’s left untouched and no wilderness goes unexplored, because nothing’s immune to criticism. We’re driven by what we believe is important and our hunger for knowledge, not by what’s expected.
We’re here for the doers that think and the thinkers that do. For the youngsters with the world at their feet. And for socially-minded people who keep asking questions. We share a progressive mentality: we’re open to the world, positive-minded, but not naïve. 
We want to know what happens and all the ins and outs. We love to laugh, sometimes at our crazy world and sometimes at ourselves. We would rather fall flat on our faces or massively disagree with someone than be sucked into a swamp of mediocrity. And luckily, we’re all different – and want to celebrate that, too.
We’re masters in developing the form that matches the message. Always fresh and engaging, every program designed to resonate with the receiver. That’s how we achieve maximum effect. Sometimes we’re dead serious, but entertainment and humor are important too – to get attention or make tough topics easier to digest.
We’re unique in being able to activate viewers, listeners and followers. Not just our support base, but everyone we connect with. We get people to think and fuel their ideas. After our programs, they go on asking questions, making plans, booking trips, doing volunteer work or painting fences. It doesn’t matter what they do as long as  they start  thinking, sharing or doing .

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