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3 op Reis

3 op Reis

For 14 seasons, 3 op Reis has been the leading travel program on Dutch national television. Every Sunday evening our presenters travel the world, in search of stories that move you and make you see the world through different eyes each time. Our travel reports are daring, adventurous and independent. They inspire you to go beyond the well-traveled paths and well-known places. And they show you that travelers with a sustainable, conscious and open minded attitude can bring a positive change to this world.

But travel will look completely different in the near future. The way we travel, the places we can go to and how we get there. So this time, instead of travelling across all continents, presenters Chris Zegers, Nienke de la Rive Box, Maurice Lede and Jennifer Hoffman will explore the world from their home town Amsterdam. With their own wind direction as a compass, they travel through Europe in four road trips. Chris to the east, Nienke to the north, Maurice to the south, and Jennifer to the west.

They experience what it’s like to travel through a world with new rules, and show how we can also use this crisis as an opportunity to change our travel behavior and the travel industry. Sustainable travel continues to play a major role: conscious and responsible travel can be an important step out of this crisis.
Let us introduce our current hosts:
Chris Zegers
Chris is definitely a travel legend on Dutch national television: he has been making travel shows since 2001. Since 2012 he has been traveling the world for 3 op Reis. From the silver mines in Bolivia to the jungles in Malaysia, from the Mediterranean coasts of Italy to the heartland of Patagonia: Chris has seen the most beautiful places around the world. But he is always eager to discover new frontiers and especially meet new people, as those special encounters are what he values most about traveling.
Maurice Lede
Maurice has been traveling the world for 3 op Reis since 2016. His passion lies within slow travel: taking the time to get to know a place and its people. Getting to know the deeper history behind destinations, which is so important to understand them today. He has traveled all the way from Shanghai to Amsterdam over land, by train. He drove straight across South America from the Pacific coast of Peru to the Atlantic coast of Brazil, along the Interoceanic Highway, and made a road trip through Uganda. Still so many hidden histories to discover and cultures to get to know… Maurice could keep on traveling forever! 
Nienke de la Rive Box
Nienke has been traveling the world for 3 op Reis since 2016. Where everybody turns left, she turns right: seeing the beauty in overlooked places and finding intriguing stories in unknown destinations She dived into the culture of Tanzania, drove across Slovenia and traveled to the end of the world in Greenland. She explored the diversity of the people of Uzbekistan, went off the beaten track in Italy and made a road trip from Gambia to Senegal. As for Nienke the world is a place of endless stories, her travels will continue!

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